elektromagnetic vibrators | pneumatic vibrators

ebbens engineering has various vibrators in its range. 

elektromagnetic vibrators type EV

These can be used wherever a light vibration at a high frequency or a small mass has to be set in motion now and then.


  • Vibrate 
  • Vibrating loose
  • Compacting
  • Transport

elektromagnetic vibrators type MX

Electromagnetic vibrators type MX generate a targeted vibration perpendicular to the mounting surface and are mainly used as a drive for vibrating channels and vibrating pipes. A popular application is filling a weighing installation, because the drive stops immediately when it is switched off. Furthermore, the MX vibrators are used for attaching to silos, vibrating tables, scrapers and similar installations. The electromagnetic MX vibrators can therefore be used for masses up to 500 kg. Electromagnetic vibrators type MX are continuously adjustable via a thyristor control.


The heavily loaded parts are made of nodular cast iron. The leaf springs used as resonant springs have almost no damping and, due to their good quality and testing, guarantee a maintenance and wear-free long service life, even under extreme operating conditions. The protective cover is made of impact-resistant, glass fiber reinforced plastic and is easy to disassemble. The construction is based on practical requirements and years of experience in the field of vibration technology.

unbalance motors type HVL

The three-phase unbalance motors type HVL have a housing of high-quality cast aluminum. The imbalance weights arranged on both sides of the shaft generate a circular vibration during rotation, which vibrates the installation parts on which the imbalance motor is mounted, for example a vibrating chute or screening machine. By adjusting the imbalance segments the working moment is changed, so that the vibration intensity can be made suitable for every application.

pneumatic vibrators type KV

With the pneumatic vibrators type KV, the vibration, up to 20,000 vibration / min, is generated by rotating balls, which run on a hardened and ground track. There are only 6 types covering the whole area up to 500 kg. The vibrators are completely enclosed, so that they can be used in potentially explosive areas. Maintenance and lubrication are not required. The pneumatic vibrators can be continuously regulated by changing the air pressure.