ebbens engineering's air conditioning produces air with a constant moisture content of 1 to 2 g / kg. This is achieved through a combination of condensation and adsorption of the moisture from the air. About half of the moisture condenses in the evaporator and the other half is adsorbed in an adsorption wheel.


  • Integrated system, compact construction
  • Drying capacity independent of weather conditions
  • Indoor arrangement of all building components
  • Dry at low temperature
  • Achieve low moisture content (down to -10 °C dew point)
  • Regeneration at low temperature (40 to 75 °C)


Use of condensation heat for regeneration, energy-efficient, low maintenance costs and air recirculation is possible.


Dehumidification, cleaning and desired air temperature increase your production capacity of existing, but also for newly built drying systems by 20%.


We offer constant process guarantees with well thought-out energy integration through cooling and regeneration or residual heat.


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With the help of our quick scan, by means of a dry model or modulation, you will get a clear overview of the possibilities.


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