vibrating bottom

Vibration bottom type SX works like a vibrating cone that is attached to a silo or bunker. The bulk material column is set in motion by means of an imbalance motor. The imbalance force of the imbalance motor can be continuously adjusted. Electromagnets can also be used in special cases.

Above the conical bottom is an exchangeable louvre grille or a folding plate, which supports the bulk material column in rest position. When the unbalance motor is switched on, the bulk material flows out in a controlled manner. The discharge capacity depends on the grid or the stowage plate, the cross-section of the discharge floor and the setting of the unbalance motor.

vibrating tables

Vibrating tables can be used for various applications.


  • Settling of bulk material in transport vessels
  • Vibrating table with unbalance motor or electromagnetic vibrator
  • Table surfaces from 0.1 to 4 m²
  • Circular vibrations, targeted vibrations and direct stopping, depending on the application
  • Due to the wide range of application possibilities, tests can be carried out in our technicum

container unloading station 

Vibrating container unloading stations basically consist of a vibrating frame and an integrated connection installation for containers. The discharge cone flexibly connected to the vibrating frame has a built-in gasket and is pressed against the container outlet with a spring when the container is placed, so that emptying is dust-free.


The chassis of the container is fixed to the vibrating frame with compressed air operated clamps. The opposing unbalance motors rotate against each other and generate a perpendicular vibration in the container. With the aid of a frequency converter, the vibration intensity can be adapted to the content of the container. The construction of the container unloading installation is determined per application and depends on the downstream transport or dosing system.