vibrating chutes

Vibrating chutes are used as a transport channel in various designs; open, covered or as a pipe. Usually these are made of steel or stainless steel. Vibrating chutes can also be made of special materials, such as Hastelloy or titanium.

dosing troughs

Dosing chutes ensure that bulk material is evenly distributed in the processing process or the weighing unit. They have an electromagnetic drive on which the transport channel is attached.

resonance vibrating pipes

Resonance vibrating pipes consist of a transport chute and a counter frame that are connected to each other by means of spring stations. These vibrating pipes are brought into vibration by means of unbalance motors.

sound and vibration damping

The vibrating feeder is usually suspended or supported by soft springs or rubber blocks. Smooth running of the vibrating chute is achieved by a combination of sound-damping measures and a vibration-damping support. The specific transport path is determined by vibration of the transport bottom at a slight angle to the transport plane. When the vertical acceleration is greater than the earth acceleration, the material to be conveyed is advanced in micro throws.

standard or custom work

In addition to standard gutters, special designs can also be developed and supplied by ebbens engineering. You can choose from a large number of funnels, supports and controls.


  • Choice of 4 types, including an explosion-proof version
  • Robust construction
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Provides a quiet environment


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