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Ebbens engineering designs and produces dryers, drying installations, coolers, vibrating units, mufflers and air treatment systems for the food and non-food industry. We strive for an optimal balance between economic and ecological aspects and achieve this by linking research institutions to projects. New concepts arise through this combination of forces. This not only improves the product, it also contributes to the reduction of energy and environmental impact.

expert in process

The strength of our office - founded in 1950 - is determined by an integrated approach to issues in the field of PROCESS. This integrated approach is the result of years of experience and is based on numerous successful projects, at large and small companies, in The Netherlands and abroad.

ebbens technicum

In our technical workshop we can extensively test and adjust the plans we have developed on the basis of practical trials. By representing products and installations, we are part of a broad European network. As a result, we have knowledge of the latest developments and can apply them immediately.




news article | drum dryer

Ebbens engineering has redefined the process for designing a drum dryer. Thanks to this development, there are lower investment costs, fewer risks and lower energy consumption. The model also predicts changes in nutrition and other process parameters. Read the whole news article here.

news article | container dryer

The in-house designed container dryer is ideal for the utilization of residual heat. The air is led to the drying containers via an air channel. The air duct is equipped with docking positions, each with a special air valve, so that the drying containers can be docked and removed with as little air loss as possible. Read the whole article here.

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